August 11, 2023

A anime discovery, streaming site made with NextJs and Tailwind CSS


Animeflix - Watch animes online

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The open-source anime streaming service made with NextJs and TailwindCSS. It lets you search, watch animes without any ads with a beautiful ui. It can be self hosted or deployed online.


AniList and Kitsu are the underlying public free API's that are used for fetching the data about animes.

riimuru/gogoanime-api is used for interacting with GogoAnime and scrape video soures.

Also thanks to these open source libraries Next.js, tailwindCSS, redux-toolkit, graphql etc.

Online Deployment

Following are the recommended online deployment services which are tested to work with this project. If you want to add a deployment service just open an issue.

Deploy on Railway

Deploy with Vercel

Deploy with netlify

Docker Deployment

The docker images for this app is available at dockerhub. chiragdroid/animeflix.

Run it easily using this command

docker run -p 3000:3000

This will start animeflix at port 3000. You can change the port by doing -p :3000,

You can run this as a background service by adding -d flag

Local Deployment

You need to have nodejs and git installed on your pc for following the intructions

First download the repository using

git clone

Next make sure you have yarn installed on your system

npm i -g yarn

this step probably requires admin perms

This should download this repository to your computer. Next, to download the dependencies run

yarn install

Now build and start the production build of the site using

yarn build
yarn start

This will start the app on http://localhost:3000

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