August 11, 2023

A Personal AGI Application using GPT-4 and React


Welcome to big-AGI 👋 your personal AGI application powered by OpenAI GPT-4 and beyond. Designed for smart humans and super-heroes, this responsive web app comes with Personas, Drawing, Code Execution, PDF imports, Voice support, data Rendering, AGI functions, chats and much more. Comes with plenty of #big-AGI-energy 🚀

Official Website

Or fork & run on Vercel

Deploy with Vercel

Useful 👊

Ask away, paste a ton, copy the gems

  • Engaging AI Personas
  • Clean UX, w/ tokens counters
  • Private: user-owned API keys and localStorage, self-hostable if you like
  • Human I/O: Advanced voice support (TTS, STT)
  • Machine I/O: PDF import & Summarization, code execution
  • Many more updates & integrations: ElevenLabs, Helicone,, Prodia
  • Coming up: automatic-AGI reasoning (Reason+Act) and more

Support 🙌

Official Discord

Latest Drops 💧🎁

🚨 July/Aug: Back with the Cool features 🧠

  • 🎉 Camera OCR - real-world AI - take a picture of a text, and chat with it
  • 🎉 Backup/Restore - save chats, and restore them later
  • 🎉 Local model support with Oobabooga server - run your own LLMs!
  • 🎉 Flatten conversations - conversations summarizer with 4 modes
  • 🎉 Fork conversations - create a new chat, to expriment with different endings
  • 🎉 New commands: /s to add a System message, and /a for an Assistant message
  • 🎉 New Chat modes: Write-only - just appends the message, without assistant response
  • 🎉 Fix STOP generation - in sync with the Vercel team to fix a long-standing NextJS issue
  • 🎉 Fixes on the HTML block - particularly useful to see error pages

June: scale UP 🚀

  • 🎉 New OpenAI Models support - 0613 models, including 16k and 32k
  • 🎉 Cleaner UI - with rationalized Settings, Modals, and Configurators
  • 🎉 Dynamic Models Configurator - easy connection with different model vendors
  • 🎉 Multiple Model Vendors Support framework to support many LLM vendors
  • 🎉 Per-model Options (temperature, tokens, etc.) for fine-tuning AI behavior to your needs
  • 🎉 Support for GPT-4-32k
  • 🎉 Improved Dialogs and Messages
  • 🎉 Much Enhanced DX: TRPC integration, modularization, pluggable UI, etc

April / May: more #big-agi-energy

March: first release

  • 🎉 AI Personas - including Code, Science, Corporate, and Chat 🎭
  • 🎉 Privacy: user-owned API keys 🔑 and localStorage 🛡️
  • 🎉 Context - Attach or Drag & Drop files to add them to the prompt 📁
  • 🎉 Syntax highlighting - for multiple languages 🌈
  • 🎉 Code Execution: Sandpack - now on branch) variant-code-execution
  • 🎉 Chat with GPT-4 and 3.5 Turbo 🧠💨
  • 🎉 Real-time streaming of AI responses ⚡
  • 🎉 Voice Input 🎙️ - works great on Chrome / Windows
  • 🎉 Integration: integration for chat sharing 📥
  • 🎉 Integration: Helicone integration for API observability 📊
  • 🌙 Dark model - Wide mode ⛶

Why this? 💡

Because the official Chat lacks important features, is more limited than the api, at times slow or unavailable, and you cannot deploy it yourself, remix it, add features, or share it with your friends. Our users report that big-AGI is faster, more reliable, and features rich with features that matter to them.

Much features, so fun

Develop 🧩

TypeScript React Next.js

Clone this repo, install the dependencies, and run the development server:

git clone
cd big-agi
npm install
npm run dev

Now the app should be running on http://localhost:3000


  • ElevenLabs Voice Synthesis (bring your own voice too) - Settings > Text To Speech
  • Helicone LLM Observability Platform - Settings > Advanced > API Host: ''
  • Paste Sharing - Chat Menu > Share via
  • Prodia Image Generation - Settings > Image Generation > Api Key & Model

Deploy with Docker 🐳

Specific docker information on docs/ In short:

Pre-built image

Add your OpenAI API key to the .env file, then in a terminal run:

docker-compose up

Locally built image

If you wish to build the image yourself, run

docker build -t big-agi .
docker run --detach 'big-agi'

This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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