August 11, 2023

A React library to create simple dialogs

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React Simple Dialogs

Beautiful dialogs with a simple usage. No unnecessary settings, native-like usage, simple.
You can make it work in less than 10 seconds!

📖 Documentation

✨ Examples

🏗️ Instalation

# npm
npm install react-simple-dialogs
# yarn
yarn add react-simple-dialogs
# pnpm
pnpm add react-simple-dialogs


In order to correctly render the dialogs, you must place the SimpleDialogContainer near to your root component.


import React from 'react'

import { SimpleDialogContainer, simpleAlert } from 'react-simple-dialogs'

function App() {
  const alert = () => simpleAlert('Easy peasy lemon squeezy!')

  return (
) }

💡 Simple Usage

Use the dialogs is almost like use the dialogs native function (alert, confirm and prompt).

All dialog function will return an Promise that only resolves when the user interacts with the dialog, so you can wait for the user interaction to continue your code execution.

Alert Dialog

import { simpleAlert } from 'react-simple-dialogs'

const showAlert = async () => {
  await simpleAlert("You can't do this right now.")

  console.log('Alert closed')

Confirm Dialog

import { simpleConfirm } from 'react-simple-dialogs'

const showConfirmation = async () => {
  if (await simpleConfirm('Please confirm something')) {
    console.log('Confirmed! 😄')
  } else {
    console.log('Not confirmed. 🥲')

Prompt Dialog

import { simplePrompt } from 'react-simple-dialogs'

const showPrompt = async () => {
  const name = await simplePrompt('Please inform your name')

  console.log(`User name is ${name || 'a mistery'}`)