August 11, 2023

A Simple Blog and Resume template with Nextjs and NextUI


CodeQL Continious Intergration codecov blog resume

Blog and Resume template with turborepo

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[`BLOG DEMO ☄️`](




  • 👔 Code highlight with line-highlight, line-numbers
  • 🎨 Design with NextUI
  • 🍽 Table of contents
  • 🎩 Dark mode


  • ⌨️ Search with KBar
  • 🔨 Configurable
  • 🔊 Utterances Comment
  • 🔭 Google Analytics
  • 🔥 Hotjar
  • 🏄 Lighthouse score

blog lighthouse score

Resume Feature

  • 🎨 Design with NextUI
  • 🎩 Dark mode
  • ⌨️ Contact with KBar
  • 🔨 Configurable
  • 🔭 Google Analytics
  • 🔥 Hotjar
  • 🏄 Lighthouse score

resume lighthouse score

How to start

comet-land has own generate package create-comet-land

npx create-comet-land
# or
yarn create comet-land

Or using Fork or clone this repo

  1. Install dependencies
  1. Start Turbo !
yarn turbo run dev
# or just
yarn dev
  1. Now you can see blog at localhost:3000, resume at localhost:3001

How to configuration

Please see packages/core/constants directory.

and you can reconfigure at that directory's variable

  • Analytics directory
  • GA ID
  • Hotjar ID
  • Colors directory
  • color schema
  • General directory
  • author image
  • default open-graph image
  • favicon
  • SocialMedia directory
  • github
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • linkedin
  • twitter

and please check apps/blog/_config/index.json and apps/resume/_config/index.json.

This files are placing each app's configuration variable.

How to use it

please read following link.

How to deploy

deploy with vercel (recommend)

deploy with github pages

How to add more packages

  • scope packages
cd where-you-want
yarn add package-name
  • global packages
yarn add package-name -W
  • global dev packages
yarn add package-name -DW

Trouble shootings

check this wiki please! it might be help

Use Case


I inspired below blogs and resume.