August 14, 2023

A starter template for Expo using Tamagui

Tamagui Expo Template

This is a community template

Tamagui Icon

Quick Start

Just run the following, changing yourappname to the name of your project.

npx create-expo-app yourappname -t tamagui-expo-template --no-install
cd yourappname
yarn install

If you have Expo Go app installed, just start your new app with yarn start, if not, create your own Development Client

What you get

This is a starter template for Expo using Tamagui. In this template you get out of the box:

  • Semantic Release already configured with everything you might want
  • Expo Router up and running
  • Tamagui, a nice and modern way of building your UIs
  • ESLint and Prettier configurations

What you don't get

If you want to…

  1. You can build your own dev client with eas build -p android --profile development
  2. Develop in WSL, use the yarn wsl command, else yarn start is your default choice.


I'm on WSL but my app doesn't connect

WSL2 runs inside its own container, so it doesn't share the same IPv4 and port status as your host machine, you might need this