August 11, 2023

A website for keeping up to date with ECMAScript proposals Created with React

A website for keeping up to date with ECMAScript proposals.

Created with React, TypeScript, and Next.js.



  1. Clone this repo
  2. Create a .env file in the root folder
  3. Inside the .env file, add your GitHub personal access to an entry like:

You can look at the GitHub docs on how to create a personal access token if you don't have one.


You can start the dev server by running:

npm run dev


You can debug the server code by starting your server with a different command:

npm run debug

Once you have the server started, you can open your browser and open the inspect tab. As an example, you can open Chrome by going to chrome://inspect in your browser and then click the inspect link near the bottom.




This site is not affiliated with TC39 or Ecma International.