August 11, 2023

An ethereum, next.js, and react.js boilerplate using only open source libraries

👽 Welcome!

Why is this boilerplate the best?

  • Only open source libraries used!
  • Easy Setup [3 lines!]
  • Uses the latest stack
  • Not dependent on any paid product or service
  • It works really well

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 3 07 26 PM

💻 Latest Updates [July 6th, 2022]

  • Integrated Rainbowkit
  • Updated Wagmi
  • Cleaned up the Nav code

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🤝 Need help?

If you need help with setting up the boilerplate or have other questions - reach out on twitter

🚀 Quick Start

git clone
# then
npm install
# then
npm run dev

Please note: Some users have mentioned issues with using yarn, so I recommend using NPM

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

🛠 What's under the hood

This boilerplate uses the following open source libraries to bring you a fully functional, mobile optimized dApp:

💎 What you get

  • Connect Wallet + One wagmi hook [send a transaction] done for you! 💲
  • Scalable header + mobile menu ↔️
  • Mobile friendly 📱

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 3 13 53 PM

  • 3 pages, including a 404 page, and routing done ✅
  • Examples of buttons and links 👽

🔌 Connectors

The boilerplate now uses rainbowkit. They make it super easy to configure the connector, and allows you to choose chains, styling, and more.

Change your chains in app.tsx:

  const { chains, provider } = configureChains(
    [chain.mainnet, chain.polygon, chain.optimism, chain.arbitrum],

😃 Connect with me

Feel free to reach out on twitter @yanniksood and drop your questions, comments or suggestions on how I can improve this!