August 11, 2023

Anonymous Chat App built with Next.js

What's it

An Anonymous Chat Room Power By Livekit livekit And Next.js


Online demo

You can try an online demo right now at, This demo uses the free service of livekit cloud as the backend and will stop automatically when the quota runs out.


  • [x] Easy to deploy, You can use the free service of livekit cloud directly, without using your own server
  • [x] Voice chat in room
  • [x] Text chat in room, can send text or emoji
  • [x] More custom emoji support
  • [ ] More message types, including images, videos
  • [x] Browser-based speaker, microphone, screen recording(Perfectly support Chrome, Edge, does not support speaker recording on safari)
  • [ ] Latency calculate--Current implementation is very simple
  • [ ] Room password setting 🚩
  • [ ] Multiple entry points on the front side (polling a set of available apikeys) to improve reliability
  • [ ] Optimized for mobile - works | good | excellent

(🚩means indicate the current ongoing)

Running locally

Clone the repo and install dependencies:

git clone
cd anonymous-chat-room
yarn install

Create a new LiveKit project at Then create a new key in your project settings.

Modify next.config.js and replace LIVEKITAPIKEY, LIVEKITAPISECRET, LIVEKITWSURL and if you need to simply test your delay, you can add a PING_URL otherwise keep it empty:

:warning: the website for PING needs to add a header to handle HEAD cross-domain requests

Then run the development server:

npm run dev

You can test it by opening http://localhost:3000 in a browser.

Deploying for production

This is a nextjs app, which you can deploy by following these steps

  1. fork the shoe repository
  2. modify next.config.js
  3. import directly to vercel


this repository is built on the top of

thanks for their heart of open source.