August 11, 2023

Auth with Next.js

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💬 About

Authentication, Permissions and Payload Rules with Nextjs using ReactJS with Typescript

🚧 Status

  • Finished project ✅

✅ Features

  • [x] Login,
  • [x] Permission system,
  • [x] Job permit system,
  • [x] Component can.

🚧 Prerequisites

To run this project, you need to have nodejs, npm and yarn installed globally.

It's also nice to have a Code editor like VSCode

# Install yarn globally.
$ npm i -g yarn

# Clone this repository.
$ git clone

# Access the project folder.
$ cd  Auth_with_Next.js

# Install dependencies.
$ yarn

# Run the application.
$ yarn dev

Note: This is a Front-End only application and does not have a Back-End. If you want the functional project, create a Back-End sending the data as exemplified in the project.

💻 Technologies

  • React
  • Typescript
  • Next.js

🔐 License


🙋‍♂️ Author

Hey guys, my name is César Augusto.

Full Stack Javascript Web Developer

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