August 11, 2023

Discord like chatrooms with firebase, nextJS, chakra-UI

F.R.I.E.N.D.S chatrooms

made using next.js, firebase (firestore and auth), chakra-ui

Demo App

Contact Me at as many people have used the guest account now so easier to find me by email deployed on vercel

Built using

Front-end Tech

Back-end Tech

  • Firebase - Platform for mobile and web development


  • Authentication with firebase auth connected to google, or simple email and password
  • Guest Login and account
  • Chat with a single person added by email
  • Chatroom with multiple people
  • Sidebar chat navigation for all the chatrooms
  • Responsive UI for desktop and mobile
  • Loading spinners for backend processes



Change firebase config file to connect your own firebase app

Run client:

cd client
npm install
npm start