August 11, 2023

Elegant portfolio template built on NextJS and Tailwind CSS


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✨ Obsidian is a minimal and lightweight portfolio template built on NextJS and TailwindCSS. ✨


First, start by clicking the 'Use this template' button. It will create a clone of this repository.

Step one

Then, name it whatever ya want. (Just not "animated-palm-tree" haha)

Step two

Once finished creating your new repository, enter the following command into your terminal: (replace the values with your github username and repository name from earlier and enter into that directory)

git clone<--USER-->/<--REPO-->
cd <--FOLDER-NAME-->

Install the dependencies

Ba-da-boom! Your code is all there…. however you need to install dependencies like React, NextJS, and TailwindCSS into your project so the stuff actually works! Do so by installing them with the package manager of your choice:

npm i

# Yarn

Edit content

Now, before you run it locally, you should edit the content first!

To do so, open the data/config.js file and edit the values to what makes you, you!

Also, replace the image located in public/static/profile.png with a picture of yourself! Or a cool avatar! Or just keep it the same if you are actually LeBron James! (Hey LeBron if you're looking at this, then "hello world" to you!)

Change the Favicon

So… you want to change that icon that shows up on your browser tab for your portfolio? (aka: A "Favicon")

LeBron Favicon

Follow these steps:

  1. Create your logo and download it on your computer

  2. Go to a favicon generator site like, go through the steps to get you icon files.

  3. Place those files in the public/static/favicon/ like so:

    Favicon folder

Then it should be ready!

Try it out!

Run locally!

To see it in action in your browser, run the dev script:

npm run dev

# Yarn
yarn dev

Ta-da! 🎉

Deploy onto a live website!

Now, how do you get this published for all the world to see? Vercel is an awesome and 100% free option for this.

Signup for free with your Github account and click the "New Project" button on your dashboard.

New Project button

Import the github repository you just created then after some loading…

Mission accomplished

You're brand new portfolio should be ready to go!

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