August 14, 2023

FAST FullStack React with TypeScript starter kit

FAST FullStack React with TypeScript starter kit.

Quick Start

Just clone this repository into your own project folder. and start working

git clone 
npm install
npm run dev

If you want to detach from this repository into your own repository do this:

git remote remove origin
git remote add origin YOUR_REPO_URL
git push -u origin master


  • Simple to jump into, Fast because it is simple.
  • Separate tsconfig.json for client and server.
  • Client and server can share code (And types). For example: IUserDTO.d.ts
  • The client is bundled using Webpack because it goes to the browser.
  • The server is emitted by TypeScript because node now supports es6.


  • NodeJs 16.13.+, Chrome 79+ or FireFox 72+

Directory Layout

├── /node_modules/                    # 3rd-party libraries and utilities
├── /dist/                            # All the generated files will go here, and will run from this folder
├── /src/                             # The source code of the application
│   ├── /client/                      # React app
│   ├── /server/                      # Express server app
│   ├── /shared/                      # The shared code between the client and the server
├── /assets/                          # images, css, jsons etc.
├── .eslintrc                         # es-lint configuration
├── .prettierec                       # prettier configuration
├── .gitignore                        # ignored git files and folders
├── .nvmrc                            # Force nodejs version
├── .env                              # (ignored) Can be used to override environment variables
├── index.js                          # The server's entry point
├── package.json                      # The list of 3rd party libraries and utilities
└── tsconfig-for-webpack-config.json  # using TypeScript for the webpack config file
├──                         # This file

What's included


  • npm run dev - Client and server are in watch mode with source maps, opens http://localhost:3000
  • npm run lint - Runs es-lint
  • npm run build - dist folder will include all the needed files, both client (Bundle) and server.
  • npm start - Just runs node ./dist/server/server.js
  • npm start:prod - sets NODE_ENV to production and then runs node ./dist/server/server.js. (Bypassing webpack proxy)


All applications require a config mechanism, for example, SLACK_API_TOKEN. Things that you don't want in your git history, you want a different environment to have different value (dev/staging/production). This repo uses the file config.ts to access all your app variables. And a .env file to override variable in dev environment. This file is ignored from git.

What's not included

  • Universal (Server side rendering)
  • Redux/MobX (State management)


This code is released as is, under MIT licence. Feel free to use it for free for both commercial and private projects. No warranty provided.