August 11, 2023

Pagination NextJS Training

Your Task is to create a a Nice Paginated List of Pokemon.


User Story

As a User

I want to be able to browse through pages of pokemon in a quick and organized fashion.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Click on Next and Previous should navigate to the correct page
  • A Block of available Page Numbers should be displayed
  • The Current Page Number should be highlighted
  • The Current Page Number should be centered in the List when appropriate
    • Page Numbers 1 and 2 should not be centered
    • Page Numbers Max and Max - 1 should not be centered
  • Invalid Page Numbers should not be displayed
  • A Clicking on a Page Number should goto that Page in the List
  • Changing the Items Per Page should Reset the list to Page 1
  • System should only accept Valid Page Numbers from 1 to the max Page Number
  • Invalid Page Numbers should produce an Error

Expected Environment

We expect you to be working in a unix based environment (mac, linux, ubuntu, mint, etc…) with node installed with a node package manager.

  • NVM - A Node Version Manager
  • Yarn - a Node Package Manager (Note we link to version 1.x)
  • VSCode - A Code Editor suited to web development


Many other environments and tools will work with this project, but are not supported by 44 North.

Get Started

  1. Download this repository
  2. Install the Dependencies
  3. Run the Application in your command line. yarn dev


  • dev: Run NextJS in Development Mode
  • build: Build NextJS for Production Mode
  • start: Run NextJS in Production Mode
  • lint: Run the NextJS Linter
  • knex:make : Make a KnexJS migration file
  • knex:latest: Run all of the migration files
  • knex:up: Run the next migration file
  • knex:down: Revert the last migration file run


  • NextJS - The Application Framework
  • KnexJS - A Database Adapter API
  • GraphQL - An Open Graph Based Web API
  • Apollo - A Client Side GraphQL Library
  • tailwindcss - A CSS Utility Framework
  • headlessui - A utility framework for common JavaScript Components
  • heroicons - A Icon Library
  • axios - A Client and Server Side XHR Request API Library
  • @44north/classnames - A Library for managing Class Names in React
  • PokeAPI - An online open source data API of Pokemon

GraphQL Query to Run

you can visit /api/graphql on your running NextJS instance to see everything available to you through the GraphQL implementation we setup.

You can run this query to get a list of Pokemon in the System.

    listPokemon(itemsPerPage: 3, pageNo: 1) {
        species {
            habitat {
            color {
        sprites {
        types {
        abilities {


To make this api more responsive, we have setup an SQLite3 Database to cache responses from the RestfulAPI. The means that the first time you call an endpoint with a set of parameters, the response may be slow, but subsequent requests to the same endpoint with the same parameters will be quick.