August 14, 2023

React Redux Saga Quickstart - A starting point for React application

React Redux Saga Quickstart

React Redux Saga Quickstart is a starting point for React application. This project is configured with redux, redux saga, axios and Sass.

Getting Started

Install project with npm/yarn

git clone

or Create a clone with your project name

git clone your_project_name
cd react-redux-saga-quickstart

Remove .git folder

rm -rf .git
npm install
npm start

Demo project

  1. Increment and decrement counter on button click (Redux flow handle)
  2. Simple API call to get data from server (redux, saga, axios flow handle)

Project Structure

├── src                         # Source code.
    ├── components              # reusable UI components
    ├── containers              # Page components/pages
    ├── redux                   # Redux store
        ├── actions             # All actions create here
        ├── constants           # Redux constants 
        ├── reducers            # reducers to manage app's state
        ├── store               # redux store configured
    ├── sagas                   # App API calls/ asynchronous operations handle here
        ├── api.js              # Axios baseUrl configured here
        ├── index.js            # rootSaga
        ├── sampleSaga.js       # Sample/demo saga file
    ├── utils                   # conatins all utility files
        ├── routes.js           # Application routes handle here
├── index.js                    # React-redux and saga configured here