August 14, 2023

Solana-base-app is for Solana beginners to get them up and running fast


solana-base-app is for Solana beginners to get them up and running fast.

To start run :

1) run npx solana-base-app react my-app

2) change the directory to my-app and run yarn start to start the development server.

all the dependencies will be installed and a base app will be created in the current directory. OR 1) git clone 2) cd solana-base-app 3) yarn install or npm install 4) yarn start yarn install will install the required dependecies, with yarn start a localhost server will start at localhost:1234

documentation for Next.js support

solana-base-app includes most basic funcationalities required to make a Solana dapp,

such as: 1) Connecting to the wallet 2) getting wallet balance 3) sending transactions


03-02-2022 community update




1) having an npx package to simply do (npx solana-base-app react my-app) ✔️ 2) Adding Anchor ⚓ 3) Support for Next.js (npx solana-base-app next my-app)✔️ 4) have two (npx solana-base-app next my-app) and (npx solana-base-app react my-app) ✔️ 5) Upcoming Solana pay Support ✔️ 6) interactions with SPL tokens

7) Additional interactivity with Serum, Metaplex


(27/01/2022) => solana-base-app npx package is now live, try using with (npx solana-base-app react my-app)
(31/01/2022) => UI re-work
(03/02/2022) => Community sugested updates
(05/02/2022) => Improved installation
(15/02/2022) => Support for Next JS
(10/03/2022) => Added transaction support, Solana pay

By: Ujjwal Gupta

For queries:, @ujjwalgupta49