August 14, 2023

Starter kit for developers who want to build an NFT minting site

NFT Dapp Starter Kit 🏗️

Ready to bootstrap your own NFT minting site? You're in the right place. This boilerplate repo contains an NFT minting contract, a sample frontend dapp, and metadata generation scripts for you to get started.

Play around with the deployed test app here. Check out the deployed test contract on Goerli: NonFungibleCoinbae: 0xBa9FFf60ead181805369F92e032D898227937b2B.

Getting Started

Have the following items handy, then fork this repository and move onto Step 1:

  1. Private and public key of your development wallet (Coinbase Wallet Recommended)
  2. API URL for testnet and mainnet (Coinbase recommended for mainnet, Alchemy or Infura for testnet)
  3. Etherscan API Key for contract verification (Etherscan)

Step 1: Smart Contracts

Set up and deploy your NFT smart contract and interact with them via Hardhat by going to /smart-contracts.

Step 2: Frontend

Set up and deploy your own minting dapp UI by going to /frontend

Step 3: Metadata / Assets

Learn more about token metadata and generate your own metadata by going to /metadata.


If you have any questions or notice issues, please file a ticket and we will respond as soon as possible! We welcome all contributors to open pull requests and will try to review them in a timely manner.

Projects Built with NFT Dapp Starter Kit

Open a PR to add your project to the list:)


This starter kit was largely inspired by the following projects: