August 11, 2023

The fastest React frontend for headless Ghost CMS



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The fastest React frontend for headless Ghost CMS.

Create and publish flaring fast blogs with next-cms-ghost. Powered by the React framework Next.js and content fed by headless Ghost, you'll get a production ready hybrid frontend that combines the best of static and server-rendered sites. Most importantly, your website can be easily distributed globally to be served from the edge. At the same time your content creators can continue to work with the Ghost authoring system they are used to.


🔥 Alternative

Check out Blogody for an integrated solution with all the benefits of this repository included!


🎉 Demo

Play with the Demo to get a first impression.


✨ Features

Ghost CMS integration

  • Supports Ghost `v3` and `v4`

Ghost Casper look & feel

  • Infinite scroll
  • Fully responsive
  • Sticky navigation headers
  • Hover on author avatar
  • Styled 404 page
  • Preview Section in posts
  • Sitemap
  • RSS feed
  • SEO optimized

Extened Casper Styles ✨

  • Dark Mode
  • Featured posts pinned on top
  • Customizable navigation headers

Images with Next/Images 🚀

  • Feature and inline images
  • Auto-optimized images
  • No content shifts due to consistent placeholders

Advanced Routing

  • Auto-detects custom paths
  • Configurable collections

Developer friendly

  • MIT licenced
  • Truly open-source
  • Easy to contribute
  • Made typesafe with TypeScript

Integrated Plugins

  • Member Subscriptions
  • Commenting with Commento or Disqus
  • Syntax highlighting with PrismJS
  • Table Of Contents
  • Contact Page with built-in notification service

NextJS Features

  • Incremental Regeneration
  • Support for Preview


🚀 Performance

Lighthouse Score

Scores calculated with Lighthouse 6.4.0.


🏁 Getting Started

git clone
cd next-cms-ghost

# Development
yarn dev

# Production
yarn build


🌀 NextJS image optimizations

The IMAGE_DOMAINS environment variable must contain a comma separated list of all domains that you use for in-sourcing images. For example:,

Image optimization is automatically turned off when deploying to Netlify, because it is currently on supported on Netlify.


🌎 Domain Settings

The SITE_URL environment variable should be set to the public facing URL of your site, in most cases to your custom domain.

| Key | Value (example) | | -------- | ------------------------- | | SITE_URL | |

If you don't specify SITE_URL, it will get populated according to the following defaults:

| Platform | System Value | Conditions | | -------- | ------------ | ------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Vercel | VERCEL_URL | _Automatically expose System Environment Variables_ must be checked | | Netlify | URL | |

In all other cases SITE_URL is set to http://localhost:3000.


🔑 Ghost Content API keys

All content is sourced from a Ghost CMS. Choose the method according to your build scenario.

Building locally

Create a new text file .env.local in the project root folder with the following content:


Change CMS_GHOST_API_URL and CMS_GHOST_API_KEY with the values that you can generate in your Ghost Admin under Integrations.

Building with cloud providers

If you build your project with a cloud provider, the best option is to provide the keys with environment variables:

| Key | Value (example) | | ----------------- | ---------------------------- | | CMSGHOSTAPIURL | https:\/\/ | | CMSGHOSTAPIKEY | 9fccdb0e4ea5b572e2e5b92942 |


💫 Deploy

For best results, deploying to Vercel is recommended. As an alternative, you can also deploy to Netlify.

Deploy with Vercel

Deploy to Netlify


🤯 Ensure headless mode of Ghost CMS

For best SEO results it is strongly recommended to disable the default Ghost Handlebars theme front-end by selecting the Make this site private flag within your Ghost admin settings.


💣 Reporting issues

Please report all bugs and issues at next-cms-ghost/issues.


🎈 Contributions

PRs are welcome! Consider contributing to this project if you want to make a better web.

Special thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Vince Fulco


Manuel Taberna


Akshat Mittal




Rahul Suresh


Miguel Bernard


Stevan Aji


Toan Le


Davor Budimir


Simon Holdorf


Sumit Kumar




Charles Chan


Raihan Ameen


Andy Grunwald






This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


🧐 Disclaimer

This project is not affiliated with NextJS or Ghost.


Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2020 - 2021 styxlab - Released under the MIT license.