August 11, 2023

Ultimate Front-end Template made using NextJs, TailwindCSS, and Typescript

Ultimate Front-end Template


Most elements are taken from my website.

Deploy with Vercel

Use as a CodeSandbox template

Ingredients ✨:

  • NextJS 13 🚀
  • TailwindCSS 🦄
  • Typescript 🦺
  • Dark Mode Support 🌓
  • ESLint + Prettier Config 📂
  • Husky 🐶
  • Self-Hosted Inter Font ␊

Getting started

  1. With 'use as template' repository preview

  2. Clone the project

# http
git clone
# ssh
git clone
  1. With create-next-app
npx create-next-app -e project-name
  • Tip: if you want to use the version prior to Next.js 13 with the app directory, use:
npx create-next-app -e project-name

Install the required packages and run the template

cd project-name
npm install
# yarn install
# pnpm install


Custom classNames function

Under /lib/classNames


  1. Next-themes: An abstraction for themes in your Next.js app
  2. react-use: react-hooks
  3. Framer Motion: animation library

Custom globals.css

  1. custom underline
  2. vercel navbar
  3. removes firefox, edge and ie. bugs with overflows

Absolute Imports

import TextField from '../../../ui/TextField.tsx'

changes to

import TextField from 'uis/TextField.tsx'

SEO optimization found in Container.tsx

Folder structuring & organization

Under /ui/ & /public/

Self Hosted Inter Font

Under /public/fonts/

404 Page

Favicons and more configs

Under /public/static/favicons/